All photography, art, design and crafts featured on this site are the original work of Danielle Ruppert of Limefish Studio. You must have permission to re-post or share online. 

Rachel and Matt were married on their family's farm in Madison, Virginia. They're wedding is featured on the Limefish Studio Blog.

"When I started planning our wedding day, I knew that photography was one of my top priorities. Even the most detail-oriented brides can easily turn into a hectic ball of nerves on their day, and I knew I wouldn't have the chance to "take it all in." That's where I left it up to Danielle, and she greatly exceeded our expectations. Once the photos came back, Matt and I were blown away. We reminisced about our day - as we remembered it - and got the chance to see things from a more calm and focused point of view. She was able to capture everything from sweet family moments and a few (happy) tears to big smiles and dance party action shots. Danielle expertly portrayed every second beautifully." - Rachel, 2014

Also, be sure to check out Rachel and Matt's Engagement Photos here

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