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My clients rock! Here you'll find an assortment of sweet compliments and quotes from the amazing people I've had the pleasure of photographing! 


  • Steven Fox

    on February 25, 2015

    Danielle did a wonderful job with both our engagement photos and our wedding, my new wife and I will treasure these photographs forever. She overcame the challenges of a destination wedding to a foreign country, being far along in her pregnancy, and an outdoor setting with constantly changing conditions in order to help record memories of our special day. Danielle's work far exceeded our expectations, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend her. I am lucky to know her both as a photographer and as my new sister in law. Thanks Danielle!

  • Sarah Degaraff

    on January 27, 2015

    Danielle made our engagement session so fun and easy! She helped us just be ourselves in front of the camera and even made my fiance feel comfortable! She has been in touch with us through so many months leading up to our session too. I'm currently in graduate school so my schedule can be kind of crazy with returning to where we wanted to have our pictures taken; but Danielle was able to be flexible and reassured me that we would figure out a time that worked for us. We are thrilled with how the pictures turned out and feel very lucky that we are able to have such a talented and professional artist to work with.

  • CSMAtkinson

    on December 11, 2014

    Danielle was awesome for our engagement session and even more so for our newborn session with Madelyn. She certainly knows her way with making the little ones comfortable. The picture quality is amazing and certainly capture the fleeting moments of a newborn since they grow and change so fast. Thank you again for a great experience!!

  • Ashley Hilberath

    on October 20, 2014

    Danielle you are so talented!! Not only did our engagement pictures come out better then I could have imagined, but you made the whole experience so fun for us! The turn around on the pictures was very quick and the prices were extremely reasonable. Overall, we just could not be happier! I can't begin to thank you enough!!

  • Regina Aiello

    on September 2, 2014

    Danielle, the pictures of Lily and my family came out amazing. Thank you so much for a great session-I'm glad Lily cooperated with you, thank you again!

  • Diana Marie

    on July 9, 2014

    Thank you so incredibly much, Danielle, for making me feel so comfortable during our session! I can't wait to have another reason to work with you again (hopefully sooner than later). :) thank you for being so amazing and also such a quick turn around on the photos! It was such a great experience! :)

  • Regina Aiello

    on July 3, 2014

    Danielle is beyond amazing! She provided me with the opportunity to do a maternity session and the pictures turned out beautiful. She makes the sessions feel so laid back and I can't wait to do newborn pictures with her once our little girl arrives! Thanks again to a great photographer!!

"I love them! You did a phenomenal job. I felt so tired and frazzled that day and Lucius was not himself and I guess I just envisioned the photos capturing us on a bad day. Somehow though (skill and talent I imagine) you managed to get such great shots that project an energy I didn't realize was there. I love seeing photos of me interacting with the kids (I never really get that) and it is heartening to see how many smiles exist even on afternoons when your kids refuse to put on shoes and cry getting out of the car. So yeah, I just wanted to write you and say you have a real gift for working with families, thank you so much for capturing me with my children, and I'm already ready for more sessions so you'll be hearing from me again!"

- Katrina . 2016 

"Danielle is a gem of a photographer, and truly a pleasure to work with. She's able to capture the essence of childhood, and the whimsical moments that are so precious and yet so fleeting. My two-year-old son, like most his age, is a squirmy, curious little chap with boundless energy. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get him to stay still long enough to get any decent family portraits, but Danielle was so calm and relaxed during our session, all the while catching a bunch of amazing photographs that we couldn't be happier with."

- Crystal . 2014 . 2 Year Old Portraits & Family Portraits

"I absolutely love the pictures. I am so amazed at how many good shots you got considering Conor was a boy on the go!!! Thanks Again!!!!" 

-  Kelly . 2014 . Family Portrait Mini Session

"Big thank you to Danielle for making my wedding boudoir session such a fun experience. I knew she was the only woman for the job so I took a small road trip to get to her. Not only was she so accommodating with a bride's crazy schedule, she also helped me touch up my hair and makeup after the drive. The fun background music made it very casual and relaxing. She gave great direction on how to pose and made it easy. I was a little nervous going in, but I would recommend doing this to long a you have Danielle as your photographer."

-  2014 . Boudoir Client 

"When I started planning our wedding day, I knew that photography was one of my top priorities. Even the most detail-oriented brides can easily turn into a hectic ball of nerves on their day, and I knew I wouldn't have the chance to "take it all in." That's where I left it up to Danielle, and she greatly exceeded our expectations. Once the photos came back, Matt and I were blown away. We reminisced about our day - as we remembered it - and got the chance to see things from a more calm and focused point of view. She was able to capture everything from sweet family moments and a few (happy) tears to big smiles and dance party action shots. Danielle expertly portrayed every second beautifully." 

- Rachel . 2014 . Wedding Photos

"Danielle – your photos are amazing (not just mine but everyone’s) and I am so proud of you and your work! I am so happy for you that you have found something that you love to do. Your work shows your passion and anyone that chooses you as their photographer will be super lucky! Lots of love"

- Mom . 2014 . Business Portraits

"We had a fantastic experience with Danielle. We had a large group of women full of personalities, and Danielle was able to capture them individually. Danielle is very professional, and has a quick turnaround time on photos. She made the entire group feel very comfortable, and we were so happy to have the amazing photos as keepsakes."

- Brittany . 2014 . Bachelorette Party Photos

"You can always tell when someone truly with all of their heart loves their profession. Danielle is an amazing photographer and her patience with a newborn was out of this world. As a new mother I had no idea what to expect with the pictures or how my son would respond but Danielle's calm and relaxing tone just made the photo session wonderful. Her eye for pictures is truly a gift!!! Things that may look different to the naked eye, when Danielle is done and you see the photographs it is truly amazing. I am so happy to have a wonderful photographer that truly has a passion for what she does and enjoys children. I look forward to watching my son grow and having Danielle to capture moments of his life. We are truly blessed to have her!!" 

- Katie . 2013 . Newborn Photos

"A huge thank you to the best photographer!!!!! (From a fellow photographer! :D) These pics couldn't have captured our day better! I can't stop looking at our wedding pictures..... I'm obsessed! lol I'm also so blessed to have such a great husband, family, and friends that make them that much more special! Being a photographer, I have often taken for granted what a HUGE part I played in a couple's special day! I can't stop thanking her enough, but Danielle, you were a gift from God and I am sooooo thankful we crossed paths!!!!!"

- Jenn . 2013 . Wedding Photos

"Matt and I were thrilled with our engagement photos. Danielle and I had once worked together, so I knew how great of a person she was, but I was overwhelmed by how great of a photographer she is! We picked Matt’s family farm – the site of our upcoming wedding – and Danielle was game for the rustic, country setting. Matt and I were both pretty shy in front of the camera, but she put us at ease quickly and had some really original ideas of photo ops. She also got some great shots with us and our two dogs – which is not an easy task considering their level of energy! We have since hired Danielle to take some holiday family photos, and I can’t wait for wedding pictures in May!"  

- Rachel . 2013 . Engagement Session

“ I saw so many beautiful belly shots online and wanted to have something similar, but was a little apprehensive of showing my belly. Danielle made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. She knew just the right shots to flatter my baby bump and everything else! She made my photos unique, I will be able to cherish them forever! ”

- Anna . 2013 . Maternity Session

"I absolutely love the pictures and can't thank Danielle enough! I thought that with all the fidgeting and running around that Zoe was doing we would only have a couple "good ones," but there were so many that captured all of us smiling. I have already ordered birth announcements for Carter and Christmas cards for our family and they look so beautiful!!"

- Jacqui . 2013 . Holiday Family Portraits

"Danielle has been photographing my daughters’ birthday parties for two years now. When I hear the cliché, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – I think of all of the unforgettable memories she has captured for our family. We are a family that absolutely loves pictures and being able to relive these special moments is priceless. Her knack of seizing the energy of the day and recording the emotion, the fun, and the beauty of the day is unreal. Danielle has true talent; she is passionate about capturing the moments that are and will be special to us for years and years."

- Melinda . 2013 . Birthday Parties: Barbie, Snoopy, Mermaid

“ I love all of them! They capture Barrett’s ‘cuddly-ness’ and bring a smile to my face every time I see them. Danielle is a miracle worker, and I look forward to having her take his pictures each year... how special will that album be in 18 years! ”

- Bonnie Jo . 2013 . Newborn Photos

"Just wanted to thank you again for such beautiful pictures!!! I think I have looked at them everyday and have been showing them off. You truly have a talent...enjoy every minute of it!! You truly don't know how much having these pictures means to me and I will treasure forever."

- Katie . 2013 . Newborn Photos

“ I wish we could stay here and take a hundred more photos! That was so much fun! ”

- Addie . 2013 . First Grade Student Portraits

"Danny and I were aiming for a simple wedding and engagement without much fuss, but when we found out our friend Danielle would be willing to do engagement photos, we were all about it! Quickly we began brainstorming places that were meaningful to us both. With the locales of the elementary school I work at, the downtown mall of Charlottesville (where we found each other), The Paramount theater where we volunteer, and the farm (which is the locale for our May wedding), these turned out so personal. It was hard to choose a favorite - or even three!! - but Danielle somehow seemed to capture "us" a midst our newbie modeling and chuckles at ourselves. We have them to cherish forever in a sweet little book to share with our friends and family at the wedding. Thank you for making the process so easy and comfortable! The pictures really are quite beautiful and reveal how happy we both are to be with each other. Thank you for capturing!"

- Heidi . 2011 Engagement Photos + 2012 Wedding Photos

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