All photography, art, design and crafts featured on this site are the original work of Danielle Ruppert of Limefish Studio. You must have permission to re-post or share online. 

THANK YOU for participating in this unique Playful Portraits experience!
I hope you are thrilled with the moments we captured!
This gallery is currently for proofing only. Do not share or copy unless photo has been purchased.
I have done overall editing on each photo, however further detailed edits may be requested for photos you purchase. If you want any additional photos duplicated in black & white, just let me know :)
 Watermarks will NOT appear on purchased files, prints or products.
All individual photo downloads, prints & products can be purchased directly through the 'buy' feature on this site.
OR, If you wish to purchase your entire gallery of high resolution files ($100), payment should be made to (*family/friend* option)
Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions!


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