All photography, art, design and crafts featured on this site are the original work of Danielle Ruppert of Limefish Studio. You must have permission to re-post or share online. 

I am passionate about creatively capturing your unique story!

Untitled photo

I am an International Wedding Photographer based in Virginia, also specializing in maternity, newborn, family and event photography. I take great pride in my wide assortment of photography offerings and am fortunate to have training in a wide variety of mediums and feel they collectively speak to my artistic style. My fine arts background offers an appreciation for colors, composition and overall aesthetic value. My graphic design studies have provided the technical support for post-processing photos, and my roles in communications and marketing have sharpened my ability to visually capture a story though photos. I have received photography training from Longwood University, Boston University, and several independent workshops. Overall, I strive for unique, high-quality and artistic photos. I know the importance of capturing the details, personal momentos, the grand overall picture, along with all the precious in-between moments that unfold unexpectedly.



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